BIM Consulting

We abandoned flat (2D) design in favour of BIM application at all stages of design. As a result collisions in projects caused by inconsistencies in documentation were reduced by an order of magnitude. Final building information model is used at all stages of the edifice life cycle.

Altai Region BIM standard for designing public contract property

Support and consulting of the state project organization in the design of the first state contract object using BIM technologies.

Creating the library of families and Revit templates for complex engineering design of the public contract buildings.

Facade system designing principle in Revit

— Creating the library for four types of facade subsystems

— Preparation of drawings and designing methods for facade systems


Implementation of facade systems design practice for Zias Machinery

The Principe for construction designing of standardized large-panel building

Generating the method for integrated design of large-panel buildings in Revit.

— Method to develop panel families, structural connections and reinforcement in Revit

— Creating drawings method for precast units drawing set

— Creating method for block diagram in Revit


Implementation of large panel design practice in Revit for 4 major prefabricate plants in Russia


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