BIM application in building design

We refused flat (2D) design in favor of BIM design at all stages of design works. We reduce to zero errors and collisions in project documentation. We use the information model at all building life cycle stages.

Building design

Extensive experience in the development of coordination and operational BIM models. More

BIM delivery

We provide engineering services using BIM technologies. More

BIM consulting

We supply effective tried and tested BIM solutions. More

BIM Consulting

BIM is a complicated technology demanding a lot of inputs. As an engineering firm using BIM on a regular basis, we know all the obstacles you can face. We share our work experience with the clients, always develop and test new approaches to meet your demands.

BIM Engeneering

We develop, use and improve the approach to BIM design, in which the information on the drawings is united and depends on the BIM model. Put simply, we execute drawings using Revit instead of AutoCAD. All views and schedules are connected with the BIM model all the time. It significantly increases the quality of documentation and BIM models.

BIM Delivery

We strongly believe in the philosophy «build it digitally first» and firmly believe that BIM adoption is a base of successful projects. We cover all the bases of digital delivery from design review with virtual reality to detailed BIM management working alongside the project team to global management and overview of project models.

About company

BIM implementation

Thanks to us 11 engineering firms forgot about AutoCAD and effectively use Revit

BIM modeling

898 000 м2  executed modeling works

BIM educational base

Thanks to us, more than 500 students and specialists use Revit as a prime tool in their work instead of AutoCAD  

BIM engineering

434 252 м2  executed design works


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